Thank you for visiting our shop. My name is Marissa and I own Fullout Dancewear with my husband Dan. We are both previous professional dancers and have been working in the industry of dance for about 25 years now. In 2009 along with instructing dance full time and traveling with dance competitions on the weekends we opened our dance retail store. We owned our brick and mortar store in Woodbury Ny. We loved owning our store and found ourselves constantly creating custom pieces for our customers. After about 5 years of our retail journey we decided to close our store and focus solely online. We started our shop here on etsy and our subscription dance boxes can ve found at fulloutdancewearboxes.com. We have been selling online full time for about 8 years now. We are so thankful to have met so many amazing dance families and we truly wouldnt be here without you. We love being on this dance retail journey with you and we hope you will continue to support our brand!!